The Monthly Mindset Practice

Transform your Mindset

Mindset is the key ingredient responsible for your happiness and success. Your Mindset is a way of thinking that determines your perceptions, attitude, and actions.  Our monthly practices help you build and maintain a mindset of confidence, clarity, and power, leading you to a more joyful life! Welcome!

Ways to Participate

Monthly Mindset Meeting

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Monthly Focus

Monthly discussion directing the impact of a common negative mindset habit (for example, lack mindset) and how it is personally holding you back.

Mindset Rituals

Each month you will receive tools to reprogram your mindset pattern using rituals, meditations, journaling, and contemplations.

Printable Practice Pages

We are neuroscience geeks and through a daily practice you can make huge transformation. Use these simple practice pages to record your progress.

Past Monthly Topics

Allowing Ease

When you label projects as hard or expect things to be hard, how does that mindset impact you?


When we feel safe and comforted we are in the optimal brain state to do our best.

Releasing Perfectionism

We think of perfectionism as a striving for excellence, but instead it keeps us from being seen.


We hear about gratitude all of the time. We know that cultivating more gratitude will create more...

Lack VS. Limitless Opportunity

Abundance is not something that we acquire. It is something that we tune into.