On this months call we looked at a common mindset pattern of striving for perfection. For various reasons, we have learned that if we look perfect, act perfect, produce perfect things, that we can then avoid criticism.  It is amazing what lengths we will go to as humans to avoid criticism.

Perfectionism is a refusal to let ourselves move forward. 

“It will be ready when I am sure EVERYONE will accept it”
(Guess what? It will never ever be ready then.)

What area of your life do you strive for perfectionism in? When you strive for perfectionism, how does this impact your mindset? Does it give you energy or drain you before you even start? Does it motivate you to make progress or to procrastinate?  Does it allow you to flow, to remain open to assistance or synchronicities or do you hoard your work, hiding it from anyone?

Perfectionism is not a quest of the best it is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough.”  – Julia Cameron

How do we recognize when we are in a perfectionistic mindset?

  • We are coming from a place of “What with people think,” VS. our own drive for excellence or personal preferences
  • We lose site of the big picture or objective, becoming obsessed with the little details
  • We are striving to avoid criticism and are trying to please everyone
  • You stop before you even get started

Monthly Focus

Releasing Perfectionism

Monthly Mantra

This is what I have so far…and it is good enough.

Monthly Coaching Question

What would 60% look like?

Daily Meditation Ritual

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Releasing Perfectionism
Daily Meditation

by Leah Grace

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This month, notice when you move into a perfectionistic state, challenge yourself with the question…  

“What would good enough look like?”

Feel into this question, spend some time truly contemplating it. When we shift into a “flow” mindset from a “perfectionist” mindset – everything changes. Notice how your energy changes, your perspective changes, how you go about something changes, and even your options about how you are going to take action will change. Let your release of perfectionism guide you.