On this months call we looked at “Lack Mindset” VS. “Limitless Mindset.”

“Abundance is not something that we acquire. It is something that we tune into.” -Wayne Dyer

What does lack feel like in your body? What emotions come up when you move into a lack mindset. The first thing to master awareness for is WHEN you are viewing your situation, circumstance or life through a lack mindset. Master tip: Get great at recognizing lack mindset by journaling. For each situation ask yourself….”What are all of the ways I am thinking that I don’t have what I need?”

You are operating from a MINDSET OF LACK when you…

…think you don’t have what you need

…use the word “Want.” (replace “want” with “am lacking” – it always fits)

…think there is not enough

…think YOU are not enough or are incomplete

…move into competition

…act out of desperation

…are jealous of other people

…avoid risks at all cost (due to the focus on & fear of loss)

…tell the story of all you will lose VS. the story of the limitless possibilities

…have an inherent distrust in yourself to be capable

…get shut down or stuck – victim, powerless, can’t see the opportunities available.

Monthly Focus

Lack VS. Limitless 

Monthly Mantra

I allow all the well-being that is flowing to me into my life. I am open to the limitless possibilities. 

Monthly Coaching Question

In what ways do I have everything I need right now?

Daily Meditation Ritual

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Limitless Oportunities
Daily Meditation

by Leah Grace

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You are operating from a MINDSET OF LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES when you…

…focus on the resources that you already have to meet your needs

…observe the abundance that is all around you

…see opportunities everywhere

…celebrate other’s abundance and success

…believe there is always more…time, opportunities, resources, relationships, etc. that will be available to you

…have gratitude or acknowledgement of all you do have

…know there is enough for everyone


What areas of your life do you suffer from having a lack mindset? Now that you know how to identify your experience of lack, pick out the areas of your life where you suffer the most. Do you perceive that you are lacking money, clients, certain skill sets, relationships, time? For this month, choose one area to focus on that you want to make the biggest transformation in.

As I have been contemplating the “Lack VS. Limitless” mindset in myself, one thing that I am observing is it tends to be either/or. I either am perceiving the situation through my “Lack lenses” or I am perceiving through my “Limitless lenses.”  Therefore I the “Story” I tell about the situation is in full of all the data points I need in order to prove my perception right.


Healing the negative pattern so we can return to alignment:

Step 1:  Capture the lack stories you are telling yourself (You don’t have what you need, there is not enough, fear of there not being enough). Get specific.

Step 2: Shift your mindset using the Mantra, Write out the new storying using the coaching question, practice gratitude of all the ways you already experience what you are seeking.