On this months call we looked at a common mindset pattern of labeling life as being hard. For various reasons, we have learned to value “hard” work and often believe that unless we are working “hard,” we will not succeed. We become addicted to life being hard.

“This is hard, I have to work hard, It is going to take a lot of hard work,” etc. 

When you label projects as hard or expect things to be hard, how does that mindset impact you? Does it give you energy or drain you before you even start? Does it motivate you to make progress or to procrastinate?  Does it allow you to remain open to assistance or synchronicities or do you anchor down and prepare to make it all happen on your own?

It is amazing how many things we unconsciously label as “hard.” Anything from going to the grocery store, to networking, to getting new clients. This “hard” mindset puts a grey cloud over everything we think and do. It weighs us down and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What happens when we switch a “hard” mindset to a mindset of “ease?”

This month, notice when you are feeling heavy, like something is “hard.” Notice how MANY things you slap a “hard” label on. Each time you notice something feeling hard, ask your self a simple coaching question…

“What if this were easy?”

Feel into this question, spend some time truly contemplating it. When we shift into an “ease” mindset from a “hard” mindset – everything changes. Notice how your energy changes, your perspective changes, how you go about something changes, and even your options about how you are going to take action will change.

This month, let your “ease” mindset guide you.


Monthly Focus

Allowing Ease

Monthly Coaching Question

What if this were easy?

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